Impossible to connect


I have a problem. I can’t connect with my login (user).
I have the message internal error: check the log.

With the admin login, I can connect me.
In the log, I have the message:
Level : ERROR
user: Shared
Action : error I.70
Param : SecureTokenMiddleware.php
Message= You are not allowed to acces this resource.

How can I resolve this problem please ?

Version: 8.2.1

could you take a look as an admin at the access that this user has and specifically on this page

You should have the same as the screenshot.

Thank you zayn.
But with an admin account, there is a problem in the section group&User.
I can’t open it. I have an message : internal error.
And in the log, I don’t see some message/errorAdmin%20

could you take a look at the php errors log and also at pydio’s error log,
you could also put your pydio in debug mode by doing the following :


Go to conf/bootstrap_context.php .

Switch this line to true : 

define("AJXP_SERVER_DEBUG" , true);

you can then reproduce the error and a stack will appear if you could copy it right here it would be great.
I also would like to look at the errors entry of php you can just copy the last ones when you re create the error.

Hi Zayn,

I changed but it"s not better. I have the same log.

“SecureTokenMiddleware.php error l.70 message=You are not allowed to access this resourc…” when the user login it but have a error.
And the log, when the admin open the folder user:
“Pydio\Core\Services\AuthService Log In context=WebUI”
“conf.sql Switch Repository rep. id=ajxp_conf ajxp_conf”

Note: I find lot of file in the folder conf (the old update). Is it normal ?

if you installed pydio with the by downloading and putting it in /var/www/pydio, could you take a look at the authorisation of this folder? ls -l

I don’t have this folder.
Is it possible to reinstall pydio, and keep the data ?

you might have installed pydio with the package manager,
could you give me your os version?

I have a shared server. I don’t kno wthe version OS just it’s an Linux.
I installed pydio with softaculous, there are 3 years ago. I upated regulary without problem.
But now, my main account doesn’t work. (the other account whitout problem=.

so the issue is with the admin account, if that’s the case we can try to look at a workaround to fix that.

No, the admin account works.
It’s an user who doesn’t works. But i’s the main user with 200GO of data (in his workspace) :cry:
How can I restore the account ?

ok I saved the folder “personal”.
uninstall all pydio
reinstall pydio
restore the “personal” folder and recreate the users
And now, all work…ouff