Potential bug in data/meta/grpc/handler.go


I’m going through Pydio Cells code because I would like to develop an extension to Cells that would bring more metadata types (integrated with advanced search options).

As I was browsing the code, I stumbled on the following, which I suspect is a minor bug

There is no return at

This means that the resp.Success = false gets overwritten by resp.Success = true at https://github.com/pydio/cells/blob/2b3ff319a53a8801e8c6c392f1f4669293c1b49e/data/meta/grpc/handler.go#L251

In the end, the bug never manifests because the only error that SetMetadata generates is "Unknown statement", which can’t happen.

That brings me to another question – why the SetMetadata returns the error "Unknown statement" as opposed to panicking? The statement simply has to be there unless there is something wrong with the code.

Sorry digging into something which is only marginally relevant, however, I just wanted to double-check that I understand correctly.


Hello @bures,

Thanks for your contribution, you can look at the rules on github https://github.com/pydio/cells/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md
and then proceed to a pull request.