Pydio.grpc.user-meta won't start after uprade to 1.6.0

I have update Pydio Cells Home Edition to 1.6.0 from webUI and now pydio.grpc.user-meta won’t start.

In the logs I see this when cells is started.

{“level”:“info”,“ts”:“2019-07-06T19:26:28+02:00”,“logger”:“pydio.grpc.user-meta”,“msg”:“Inserting default namespace for metadata”}
{“level”:“error”,“ts”:“2019-07-06T19:26:28+02:00”,“logger”:“pydio.grpc.user-meta”,“msg”:“could not initialise service at version 1.6.0”,“error”:“Error 1062: Duplicate entry ‘usermeta-tags’ for key ‘namespace’”}
{“level”:“error”,“ts”:“2019-07-06T19:26:28+02:00”,“logger”:“pydio.grpc.user-meta”,“msg”:"Could not run ",“error”:“Error 1062: Duplicate entry ‘usermeta-tags’ for key ‘namespace’”}

How can I solve this?


I don’t know what is the problem. I don’t use any metadata I think. Just in case it is useful.

MariaDB [cells]> select * from idm_usr_meta;
Empty set (0.001 sec)

MariaDB [cells]> select * from idm_usr_meta_ns;
| namespace | label | ns_order | indexable | definition |
| bookmark | Bookmarks | 0 | 0 | |
| usermeta-tags | Tags | 0 | 1 | {“type”:“tags”} |
2 rows in set (0.000 sec)

MariaDB [cells]> select * from idm_usr_meta_policies;
| id | resource | action | subject | effect | conditions |
| 1 | bookmark | READ | * | allow | |
| 2 | bookmark | WRITE | * | allow | |
| 3 | usermeta-tags | READ | * | allow | |
| 4 | usermeta-tags | WRITE | * | allow | |
4 rows in set (0.000 sec)

Ok. I knnow nothing about the project but I decided to try the solution that seemed logical reading the error messages and the database data.

So I did a backup of those tables and deleted from table idm_usr_meta_ns the row which namespace value is usermeta-tags. Then restarted pydio cells and all is working again.

I did nothing on the table idm_usr_meta_policies.

Hope it is the correct solution.

I read the table idm_usr_meta_policies again and I saw duplicates of the usermeta-tags READ and WRITE permission rows, so I deleted them.

Hi @manfer ,

Did you fix your error by deleting the duplicates?

By the way did you install Cells twice with the same database? the duplicates could be coming from this.

The problem was the row with namespace usermeta-tags in idm_usr_meta_ns table.

For some reason on start cells was trying to insert that row and failed. Because the column namespace must have a unique index and the row already existed.

Once I removed that row cells started the user-meta service correctly but It added the rows in the table idm_usr_meta_policies too. That’s why those were duplicated.

I don’t know anything about the code of this project but I suppose it was just a database migration being triggered on start.

Before this problem appeared, I did an update from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2, then from 1.5.2 to 1.5.3, then from 1.5.3 to 1.6.0, one after the other. Maybe I did something wrong during the updates.

The duplicates on the policies table were not a problem, I just remove them because seems the correct thing to do.

Hello @manfer,

Have you fixed your issue?