Permissions Error while moving a file

Ubuntu 16.04
Running Pydio version 8.0.1
LDAP authentication for all users.

See screenshot here for more details and logfile info.

Hi there - one of my users gets an error when they attempt to move a file to a sub folder in Pydio. The error from the log is Action error I.441 (Permission denied) - attached screenshots. I can replicate it about 80% of the time… but 20% of the time, the file moves as expected.
The log file images are taken minutes apart, from the same folder in the same workspace…

Looking for any suggestions on how to troubleshoot…


User get different result of moving in one session and on the same files ?
Is workspace, which link with an samba share, using credential session credential ?
“permission denied” is message of samba share, not Pydio. Just make sure the NTFS permission is correct in samba side.

Dump question: php output_buffering is Off ?

Hi There - it was within the same session.
The workspace is using session credentials.

I tihnk it’s funny that the path in the Log File for success vs. failure is different… that doesn’t make sense to me…

I’m unsure aobut the php output_buffering - can you advise how to check?