Move files between workspaces

I’ve just installed Pydio version 8.2.1 on a web server (Linux) with PHP 5.6.30 and Apache 2.4.25. Actually, Users with read and write rights on each workspaces can’t neither drag and drop nor copy or move files between workspaces. Is it able ? I’ve read in a former post that using PHP 7 could solve my problem but in fact, it doesn’t…


you should be able to move files like this :

when you say you cannot move/copy do you mean that it doesn’t do anything?

Hi Zayn,

How to do the same(MOVE) using FileSystem API


I tried this way too but files don’t move. A small windows appears “Start of Moving in background progress… Starting…” (something like this, it’s my own translation, using a french version ).


Can you disable command line (Settings >> Main option >> Command Line) then test again the movement.

Thank you !!! It works perfectly !!