Pagination non-existent, can't see all files

Seems like the mobile app for Android has no support for pagination. You can only see the number of files in a folder equal to the number of files configured per page in the web interface. This makes the app nigh unusable. It should support either pagination or infinite scrolling so you can browse all files and not just the first x amount returned in a single API call. Shocked that this isn’t already implemented.

I’m on the latest Pydio Cells stable release (3.0.1) with latest Android app at this time (beta tester in Play Store, 2.4.4-rc5).

It’s not acceptable to increase the page size in Cells as it would make my web interface load too slowly. I have thousands of files in a single folder and need them to stay this way for my use cases.

I really hope this can be addressed soon, as it’s the only gripe I have with the app. Otherwise I have no real issues.

Hey @wpuckering

Thanks for your feedback, and welcome to the community.

Just a quick insider info, we are currently re-writing the Android App (that is now more than 10 years old… an eternity in the Android world) in Kotlin, using latest libraries and best practices from Google.

We expect to deliver a first alpha version in January and go live with this not long after.

This will help fixing such issues and should be then OK for your use case.
I’ll try to ping you as soon as there is something to test.

Please be patient!