Empty Folder on first page only

Hello! I just got Pydio Cells installed successfully and it has been going great. However I have noticed that on some folders with many files, the first page displays a “Empty Folder” view for the first page. When click to go to the second, third, or beyond page, content is displayed successfully.

Does anyone know why this happens? It only seems to happen when viewed on mobile. I have not seen this behavior on desktop view (screenshot below).

Hello @Spuridian thanks for posting.
We’ll retest that scenario with the mobile view.

Humm, cannot reproduce this. Can you give more info about the mobile device used? How is it behaving when you go to page 2 then back to page 1 ?
Eny errors in the server logs ?

Hi Charles thanks for the reply! The mobile device in question is an iPhone, happen across multiple models (11 Pro Max, 13, 13 Pro) using Safari.
When going to page 2, the files list as I would expect, starting with the very first file. Going back to page 1 the message remains. It is like there is a blank “page” somewhere. I actually just tried this again to confirm some of these details and it is happening on desktop browser too (Safari, MacOS Monterey).
No errors in pydio.log that I can see. I just loaded the page and there are no entries for today’s date at all.
The location of these files are on an external datastore, mounted on startup with fstab, if that makes a difference.

hi again @Spuridian
do you think you could PM me a temporary access to this folder so that I can try to do some basic debugging?

Yes I can do that - I’m not seeing the envelope button next to your avatar could you send me a PM and I’ll reply to it? Thanks!

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