Pydio App Display Limitation For Folders


We seem to be having an issue with the mobile app to display all folders in a workspace.

Our current workspace has approximately 1792 Folders. It seems to not display more than 199 folders. Is this some limitation of the app? Is there a workaround?

This is using the latest iOS and Android App.


Hi Jon,
Seems like there’s something broken here, you should have a pagination feature to browse the folders page by page.
Currently the easy workaround would be to configure a greater page size on the server… But that will list all folders as one page in the Web interface as well. If you want to give a try, see your workspace FS driver configuration.

Hey Charles,

Thanks for the reply. I changed the greater page size. Unfortunately the browser explorer seems to stop responding. The application on the mobile device seems to work now. It is displaying all items.