Pydio Mobile Chunked Upload

I can’t upload files larger than 100MB.
Pydio is running behind Cloudflare (hence the 100MB limit).
Multipart upload is enabled. I upload large files via web UI.

Server version: 4.1.1 (Home)
App version: 3.0.5
Android version: 12

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Yes, the android app 3.0.x does not yet support multipart transfer.
But good news: we just finished to implement it for the new 3.1 version.
We should push a beta version of the 3.1 to the store very soon and we would be very grateful if you can test and give some feedback:

With the 3.1 we’ve finalized the full rewrite of the app with latest technologies, that we began with the v3, focusing on UI layers for this branch, using Jetpack Compose.

I’ll let you know when it is available.

Thank you. Can I build it myself from cells-android-app @ github right now?

Technically, yes.

And I would be happy to get some feedback if you don’t…

That said, the beta is nearly there :slight_smile:

So, did you git it a try :nerd_face: ?

That said, we just pushed the beta1 to the play store, it should be available today.
You just have to opt-in to be a beta tester in the store to be able to install it.

There might be a few glitches, some of them already known that we will fix in the coming days, but some extra feed back would be greatly appreciated.

Happy testing :rocket:

I have already opted-in to be a beta tester. I still can’t upload a 200MB file. I think the chunked/multipart upload feature is not working as intended.

Can you check wich version you are running, please ?
Do you see some details in the transfer page ?

Version 3.1.0-beta1
Message in the transfer page: com.amazonaws.AmazonClientExceptio…
I can’t see the whole message.

And do you see any logs on the server side ?

I think the error was on my end (network connection)

OK good to know.

On our side, we’ve made some tests with large files - on a good connection we could download and upload the latest Ubuntu image that is ~4,6 GB without any issue.
But we still want to fine tune and improve the error management and the control we have on the transfer to have better info when something goes wrong, typically on bad network connection. Stay tuned!

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