Multi Select items in mobile view


When using Pydio cells on mobile view (in browser, not the app), I can’t select multiple items. Therefore I have to move/delete/copy files/folders one by one. On the PC there is no problem because I can use shift and ctrl key to select multiple items. Am I overseeing something or isn’t there a possibility on mobile?
Would be great if a items gets long pressed, a check box would appear.

Thank you.

That would be nice indeed, but not really straight-forward :-). Any reasons you are not using the native apps?


When I installed Pydio a year ago, the app didn’t work at all. Now I tested again and it just works partly.
Some issues i found:
-) Can’t upload a .mp4 file from my phone with ~600MB, app just crashes in while uploading
-) mp4 with 200MB uploads, but at the end it “gets stuck”, not finishing the upload, but no more data transfer is happening then. But if you refresh and then try to download it again, there is an error.
-) Public link share is avaiable without the sharing options like password, expiration date,…
Also the public link share is still not scrollable in the mobile view, so you have to switch to the desktop version, but from there it works.


Do you use iOS or Android app ?


Android App on a Galaxy S9 Android 10.
I also encountered that photos aren’t zoomable in the app.

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