Noob Questions before 1st Install

Good morning folks,

I’m currently testing out various applications and I’m just looking for some answers before I do an install of Pydio Cells. Here is what I’m wanting to do, can you please tell me if it is possible:

  1. Install Pydio on a Ubuntu Server HyperV VM on my Windows server.
  2. Within Pydio map to my data which is stored on my NAS (SMB shares?)
  3. Full text search on all files in the mapped drives

I have a lot of scanned files in PDF format which have all been OCR’d so I’m hoping that Pydio would be an elegant way of searching for content within these files and previewing them on-line. I haven’t found much about full text searching in the Pydio documentation. Is this possible? Is it out the box or a 3rd party install?

Any help you can give me with this before I start the install would be much appreciated.



i would say that as long as your ubuntu server has what’s required to execute the cells binary,
Yes it should be possible, i assume.

when you say map my data what do you exactly mean are you refering to a specific type?

You mean the text content inside files i guess? if so not really at the moment.