Nginx reverse proxy with basic auth to secure login in Cells log in front end

Hello specialists,
to convince my boss that Cells is the best product and we have to use it, I have to secure the native login from Cells’ login front end. My idea is to use nginx’s basic auth module with credentials (username/password) It works fine until the login page from Cells. If I put in the in Cells configured user credentials (username/password) I can’t log in with the hint Unauthorized. What can I do, that Cells accepts the input credentials?
I think there was the same issue 2 years ago, but unfortunately with no answer.

Please, could someone help me?

This is probably messing up the Http Headers, as basic auth will conflict with Bearer token Authentication header. Maybe you can fiddle with upstream/downstream headers to make sure nginx does not strip the Cells authentication headers?

We just discussed this with the team:

  • the nginx auth mechanism uses (overrides) the Auth Headers and thus breaks the normal OAuth process
  • to achieve the same goals, you should rather:
    • use a VPN tunnel between your test machine and the reverse proxy.
    • put a firewall before your reverse proxy and filter out unwanted traffic

Hi Charles,

thank you very much for your quick response and helpful hint as the developer confirmed the issued



thank you very much for the very quick answer and suggestions for solving my Problem


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