Authentication problems since upgrade

Hey, I just upgraded from 2.0.8 to 2.1.3 and now my Postman configs don’t work due to OAuth2 authentication problems.

Before the upgrade, I was using “/auth/dex/token” with the authentication options for “basic auth” and the username/password for “cells-front” that is built-in. This config no longer works and returns an HTML page that just says “Loading…”

After reading the updated docs, I tried to use the OIDC endpoint for authentication and this is also not working, see the following screenshot:

Please advise!

EDIT: Ok, I used “cells config list” to find out that the only valid redirect_uri is “” and this setting worked. However, I want to be able to login without having to have a user-login screen because this is a backend-client that needs to talk to Pydio. That’s why I was using the auth/dex/token endpoint and I still need to be able to do this going forward. The Postman example doesn’t provide an example of how to do this token request without the user-form, and so I need to know how to do that please.