New installed cells on docker, error: Detected FPM but there are some missing extensions : intl

Detected FPM but there are some missing extensions : intl

The installation details it here:

i will take a look as to why this extension is not installed on our fpm container, meanwhile if you want to install it you can docker exec -it <containername> /bin/sh then apt-update and finally apt install php-intl.

I’ve already installed it on my own server:

docker exec -t pydio-fpm apk add --no-cache icu-dev
docker exec -t pydio-fpm docker-php-ext-configure intl
docker exec -t pydio-fpm docker-php-ext-install -j$(grep -c ^processor /proc/cpuinfo 2>/dev/null || 1) intl

Here’s full shell code:

Btw, apt and apt-update are not available in php-fpm docker.

yeah fair enough the container has the minimum, so it might not have a package manager,
i will give your feedback to the dev handling that.

I also wanted to add that since we are removing entirely php, later on the php-fpm container is going to be useless because cells will be only in Golang.

That’s very nice! Dealing with large file and concurrent requests, go language seems perform much better than php. XD