PYDIO API Support to rename a file or folder

Hi ,

We are using PYDIO File System V1 . how to rename the file or folder . I tried with below

its not working .

Please help me on this.

could you tell me if you are using pydio 8 or pydio cells ?


I am using pydio 6.x


this php request allows you to modify the filenames,
php cmd.php -u=<user> -p=<password> -r=<workspacename> -a=rename --file='/filename' --filename_new='/newfilename'

the cmd.php is located in your <pydio>/cmd.php,
i will take a look to see how you can do a web request for that.


already I have tried the same . but it snot working. i am using powershell.

Invoke-WebRequest “” -Method Post -Credential $credential


on what OS is your pydio running on?

Here’s how i renamed the file with an http request,

http://<pydio-uri>/api/<workspace id or alias>/rename/?file=/<targetedfile>&filename_new=<newname>

or How to delete file ?

Invoke-WebRequest “https://pydio-uri/api/workspace id or alias;/delete/?nodes[]=/bbb3.docx” -Method Delete -Credential $credential

I am getting

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>The selection is empty!
                : - catchException(AJXP_Exception)

Sorry . its wokring now. Rename and Delete .

Now Could you please guide me to move file … Thanks

Thanks . move is also working . thanks