Logging error: can't rename log file

I am using Pydio Cells v2 on my small network with --log=production flag. When I sync the storage because I moved a folder with contents inside it, the console prints a lot of write error saying it can’t rename log file because it being used by another process (screenshot attached). Is there something I did wrong?


  • I added new folder from outside of the storage to be managed by Cells
  • After adding such folder, I manually sync the data source

Hello @yukirin ,

Indeed you cannot rename the log file because it is currently being used by the log service, one way of doing that would be to stop Cells before renaming the file.

Hi @zayn

I wasn’t trying to rename the log file manually, I was just doing manual sync from Cells Console.

This also happened when I start Pydio Cells without --log=production

Hum, that’s strange
This rename must be linked to log “rotation” (when it’s getting big, rename to backup and create a new one). Two ideas here

  • Would you happen to have multiple “pydio.grpc.task” services running? Try to properly stop cells and make sure to kill all processes named cells then restart
  • Or you discovered a windows-specific bug, which is also possible!

I stop cells by sending CTRL + C and after the powershell window says cells has been stopped, there is no cells.exe process anymore on Task Manager.

Is that not the proper way to stop cells?

Yes it is :slight_smile:
So it may be a windows-specific issue. Not really surprising when it comes to renaming files “on the fly”. We’ll have to reproduce that on our side
Stay tuned

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