Pydio is creating too many gRPC log files

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Describe your issue in detail

Pydio is creating too many syslog.bleve.* log files at …/services/pydio.grpc.log
This is causing serious errors: I can’t access some features in the administration area, e.g. get list of users, data sources, task scheduler, etc.
Also, there is another problem: user tasks are not running (browser console shows error trying to access URL /a/jobs/user)
As a temporary solution, I remove all files in pydio.grpc.log and folders, and run systemctl restart cells.
I think this is not a good idea since tasks are deleted and I need to restart Cells.

What version of Cells are you using?

Cells Home v4.2.2

What is the server OS? Database name/version? Browser name or mobile device description (if issue appears client-side)?

Server: AlmaLinux 8.7, MariaDB 10.3
Client: Windows 11, Firefox 114

What steps have you taken to resolve this issue already?

My temporary fix:
rm -rf /storage/pydio/services/pydio.grpc.log/*
rm -rf /storage/pydio/services/*


You can enable/config a default “truncate log” job in cells>scheduler

I think it is only possible in Cells Enterprise.

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