LDAP connection for group membership

hi guys

I’m currently trialling pydio 8.0.2 which I downloaded as the pre built image.

Everything is going great and I have connection to our active directory all setup. I can pull through users and these authenticate great. I can pull through groups and these all appear as roles.

If I create a role in pydio, give it access to a workspace and add this role to a user then the user has access.

If I take a group from active directory and give it permissions to a workspace then the user doesn’t get access.

When I look at the user pulled from AD in pydio they don’t have the AD group they’re a member of assigned to them.

In authentication on the attribute mapping (below where I map groups) I have memberOf mapped to Role ID.

If it makes a difference the workspace I am trying to publish I am connecting to using samba driver to a share on a windows server.

Please can someone help as this is driving me insane! I assume I am missing something simple as it appears so close to having everything working. I’ve trawled the forum and it appears @c12simple is the ldap master :nerd_face:

Thanks in advance!

Everything you did sounds good. Could you please post your config here.
Some notes:

  • role prefix: should not be null
  • if you are using AD, it’d better if you use nested group.
  • don’t check on “fake member of”