How to Manage group with Active directory

Hello everybody.
I am a new user of the pydio solution. Being totally beginner I need help with the use of this one.
I want to use pydio in an infrastructure to compose different service users will authenticate by active directory. Then, once log in each user will have a directory “personal files” and a common directory with the name of their service example “marketing”, “I.t”.
I would like to know if it is possible to work directly with the Active Directory group since Pydio.
Basically I have a group “marketing” in my A.D and I would like all users group is like directory common directory “markting” in pydio and only this one.
Actually, I do not know how to do it.
Someone can help me with this.

thank you very much.
ps: sorry for my bad english.

if you want each user of the active directory group to have a workspace corresponding to the service they’re in what you could do is create those workspaces, and in the LDAP/AD driver bind users of those groups to groups in Pydio (that you created and gave rights to the workspaces that you want for each service to show to only the users that they’re in) you could also use roles.

It’s Attribute mapping in Pydio under the LDAP/AD driver.

I have the same wish. But i don’t understand the mapping attibute.
for exemple :
here is my différentes OU in AD :

how do I fill out this form :

I try with this configuration mapping :
but nothing happens