Is .ajxp_meta still needed in Pydio Cells?


I recently migrated Pydio 8 to Pydio Cells. The migration script showed some problems with .ajxp_meta files (see: Pydio 8 Migration errors: [Workspaces] could not convert role ACLs + [Metadata] cannot cast phpValue - #2 by c12simple). I could not figure out what the problem is/was, but I also could not detect any problem in Pydio Cells itself. But apart from that Cells Sync downloads each .ajxp_meta file (one for each directory) which were not present when using Pydio Sync and now I wonder if .ajxp_meta is even needed at all in Pydio Cells. Is it safe to delete the files after the migration?

After the migration, “.ajxp_meta” files can be removed.

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