Migration from Pydio 8 -> No passwords


I’m trying to migrate from Pydio 8 to Cells with the Import Tool, but there’s 2 problems i encountered…

The first is, the passwords don’t get migrated. Is this by design? I tried to check if the passwords are hashed differently but i couldn’t find the field in the database…

Second, When I try to import the File Metadata, having checked any of “Watches set by user on files and folders” and “user bookmarks” will result in an error:

cannot run action actions.etl.p8-global-meta: invalid character ‘<’ looking for beginning of value

Has anyone experienced the same issues and can help me with them?

kind regards,

Could you please post the version of Cells & pydio 8

Of course, It’s Pydio 8.2.2 and Cells Home Edition 2.1.6


They are some errors from pydio8 in loading meta info. However this error does not block migration process. You can ignore this message.

But what about the passwords, shouldn’t they be migrated also?

The password will be migrated

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