Pydio 8 Migration errors: [Workspaces] could not convert role ACLs + [Metadata] cannot cast phpValue

After solving the Pydio 8 migration CORS problem, another problem occurred.

After successfully importing Users, Groups and Roles I restarted the import process and ticked Workspaces + Workspaces ACLs / Files Metadata / Shares:


I mapped the workspaces:

I mapped the Metadata (to the single Cells Namespace):

I imported the shares:


and finally checked the Validation page and launched the import:


The workspaces seem to be imported (I checked that afterwards), but I received an error:

Error: could not convert role ACLs

I pressed “Launch Import Now” a few times and ended up with this:

I finally restarted the import process, but this time I unticked Workspace ACLS (under Workspaces) and received:

Error: cannot cast phpValue


Quite frustrating. What did I do wrong?


“could not convert role ACLs”: Some roles in pydio8 can’t be converted in Cells.
“error: cannot cast phpValue”: the meta data is stored in .ajxp_meta in user data that located in Cells’ datasource. Try to examine .ajxp_meta files to see which one content malformed data.


  • The migration does not migrate 100% but it will try to migrate as much as possible.
  • It’s recommended to run the migration of three sub-options in three times (not all sub-options at once)


thanks for your reply!

Ok. If that is some kind of expected behavior, what about not prefixing it with "error: " (maybe "warning: " instead? Also some pointer of which role could not be converted would be nice (are there any logs we can look into?).

Thanks for the pointer with the .ajxp_meta file, I will take a look into it. But the same as above applies also here ("warning: " instead of "error: " and a pointer to what went wrong or the logs would be nice).

Hmm. I’ll quote the Migrate Pydio 8 to Cells Documentation:

Migrate workspaces, sharing data and metadata

Attention: This step should be triggered only one time.

We usually select all children options of “Workspace”

  • Workspaces ACLs
  • Files Metadata
  • Shares <= Running the shares migration more than once will trigger the creation of duplicated Cells. if you have to re-run this, please insure you have removed all cells via the “Audit” page of the console before proceeding.

I am also ok with “does not migrate 100% but it will try to migrate as much as possible”, but a word in the documentation would have helped a lot.

Are the developers reading the forum or shall I file a bug report at the pydio-doc-admin github repos?

And JFTR: I have quite a simple setup with about 5 users, 3 workspaces and no special tags/metadata I am aware of. Really no offense but maybe the line “The process is quite tested and robust, […]” should be removed for the time being (or your comments should be incorporated into the guide). I mean, I think people (at least me) could loose a lot of trust in the product, if the migration experience ends like this.

I found some time to take a look into the .ajxp_meta situation and found 1300+ files - there seems to be one in each directory. Any tips on how to pin point the problem? Is there a (php) script to validate the .ajxp_meta files?

At first glance only md5 + md5_mtime (of each file in the directory - so nothing which could not be recovered - ) are saved in them. Do I need the .ajxp_meta after the migration to Pydio Cells or can I remove them? (I never used tags or so in Pydio 8).

JFTR: Cells Sync downloads these .ajxp_meta and I do not think we need them locally.

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