Including own css-file via action plugin


In the past with pydio6, I’ve always took the action.skeletion plugin as base to include my own css-file.
Pretty simple, just renamed the skeleton-occuranced and added something like:

<template name="head" element="ajxp_desktop" position="top"><![CDATA[<link rel="stylesheet" href="plugins/action.css/res/css/screen.css" /> ]]></template>

in the manifest.xml.

I’m trying this now with pydio 8 and can’t get it to work.
Is this css-add still possible or do I need to upgrade to the enterprise destribution?


actually it should still work ok. Did you try to simply declare your css as a “resource” in the manifest (under client_settings tag >> css with attribute autoload=“true”) ? See other plugins

Worked like a charm! :slight_smile: