Change colors and customize

#CentOS #css #Server

Hi everone,

I installed a private pydio instance with the community edition and want to change some Colors/CSS attributes. I noticed that the material theme is located on /usr/share/pydio/plugins/gui.ajax/res/themes (in my CentOS 7 Server).

I played around with the CSS and the .less files. But changes did not take effect.

What should I do to change some colors and/or attributes?

you can use this post that might have hints about what you’re looking for

Hi, thanks a lot for your answer. This seems to be one way. But when I take a look inside the sourcecode, I see, that the header-toolbar-row (for example) has inline css-style. So I think it would be easyer to change the color directly in the global variable - I think the CSS is generated from the .less files…