Error message is displayed: "No active repository found for user".


I looked at plugins and turned off something. I signed out, and when next time I entered, only the wallpaper was visible. The following error message is displayed: “No active repository found for user”.
I removed the program (uninstall) and reinstalled it by a different name. This error message is received after starting. My hosting is Hosting24. What can I do?

Thank you for your help.

if you reinstalled and the issue is still here you could either clear your cache or use the private browsing feature on your web browser and see if it’s not a cache issue.
If the issue is still here after that could you look at your webserver’s logs and show it to me.

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Thanks for your answer! The error was resolved in the meantime, I just could not answer because I’m new and my writing was suspended. I deleted the browser’s temporary storage but did not help. The server log did not indicate a bug. As a hired place, I do not care for the server myself.
After a long wait, the mistake itself disappeared. I assume the server has deleted its temporary storage. Now it’s okay.

I’ve installed two Pydio applications because I’m still familiar with it. One is the basic program, the others are experimenting, practicing, studying. The bug can also be caused by the server that sometimes changes made in one of the program also appear in the other program.


yes sometimes servers can have some delay to delete the tmp files, sorry for the writing suspension i just saw that this morning and removed it.

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Thanks for the help!

I’ll take the opportunity and ask you something. When I read the setup menus, some of the letters appear very faint (light gray). Where I can change their color? I suppose in any css file. I looked at “plugins/gui.ajax/res/build/pydio.material.min.css”, but it looked terribly complicated, and if I could get specific help, maybe I could replace the correct value.

changing the colors is hard and almost impossible, when i say almost what i’m meaning is that you will need to recompile all the system.

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Then I’ll take my eyes and maybe I get used to it. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what browser are you using but i know that the new firefox has a new css engine which in fact is really better as seen in this screenshot.
What i could advise you to do is look for a plugin for your browser that could help towards this.

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I use a Google Crome and it looks like this sreenshot

yeah i don’t know if it’s your screen quality but it’s kinda blurry

it should be looking more like this. what chrome version are you on ?

I think this is the latest version: 64.0.3282.186

yeah then it’s not because your browser’s version was old, i mean it could also be your display’s resolution but its more on your end than the browser’s. nonetheless when you’re reading my screen is it clearer than what your seeing ?

I see yours as my own. If you look at this picture, the quality of the screen is good enough.


It would be perfect if the next version of Pydio allows users to set font size and color. :+1: