Branding plugin CSS customisations not persistent in v4.05 (and other related notes)

Greetings all,

Since the latest v4 patch, CSS applied through the branding plugin no longer properly functions. The CSS added through the plugin is only applied within the Pydio instance so long as the plugin window itself is kept open. As soon as the plugin is closed, the customisations are removed. This of course renders the CSS customisation essentially useless.

This does not appear to affect either the palette customisation, or the additional buttons functionality. Those changes remain persistent regardless of the presence of the plugin window.

Unfortunately we do not have a intermediate version between v3 and v4.05 to trace the exact genesis of this issue, but it is reproduceable on the current demo instance (v4.05), so it does not appear to be a problem with our specific environment. As far as my memory serves, this issue was not present in the initial v4 release (but I cannot be certain).

If this issue hasn’t been characterised yet I would be happy to investigate further and pass my findings over to the team.



Additional observation:

  • When an additional button has been added and the branding plugin window is open, the button is added twice. Presumably because the plugin is unaware of the first button in the DOM and will attempt to add the button again. Once the plugin window is closed this is fixed and only 1 instance of the button appears. This is also reproduceable in the demo.

To reproduce:

  • Sign in to the cells demo (or other v4+ instance) as an admin
  • Navigate to cells console, plugins and enable the branding plugin
  • Return to the homescreen and reload the page to summon the plugin window
  • Add CSS customisation to the plugin, (example colours the user widget red):
    • “.user-widget{background-color: red !important;}”
  • Modify the GUI palette in some fashion (example given has changed the selection colour to red)
  • Add an additional button (example given adds a button labelled ‘Test!’ to the “new…” menu with no attached code or url)
  • Refresh the page
  • Observe that all 3 changes have been successfully made
  • Observe that there is an additional copy of the new button
  • Close the branding plugin, accepting the prompt to reload the page
  • Observe that the button and palette change have persisted, but the CSS customisation has not.
  • Observe that the clone of the button has disappeared.

Screenshots (apologies, new account so had to concatenate):

Hi @sundaycrunk thanks for submitting - we’ll have a go on that one !

and … I can reproduce both, and I know more or less where it comes from :wink:
Recent changes in 4.0.5, to be shipped in 4.0.6!
Thanks again for reporting.

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Awesome, we shall look forward to the next patch :smiley: Thank you very much Charles!

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