Impossible to use multiple domains for one Cells Instance

Hey there,

I am not sure who has had this stupied idea but it is not possible to use multiple domains to access the pydio cells installation.

We are using Docker and the latest Pydio Image but all we are getting are problems. After login with domain 2 the login succeeds but the login form isn’t removed and only F5 solves this problem. On logout a redirect is forced to the BIND-Domain.

Why ever such a stupied restriction was implemented, pleas remove it or add a variable, where multiple domains can be pasted.

Plugins, which solves this problem, are also welcome because it is inaccaptable, that a software restricts the user how much different domains can be used for it, thanks.


Hello Natsu and welcome in the wonderful world of the free software.

All Cells code is opensource and available on, so feel free to fork and implement all clever ideas you have, we will be happy to review your contributions and if it is worth; integrate them in the main code.

Thus said, good news is that what you call stupid idea is a technical limitation we are well aware of: we are currently working on a new version of the server that will support this option. Stay tune.

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