Domain does not work

Good afternoon, I did the installation of Pydio for testing in the company, but I could not run it with domain. It is on port 80. But every time I try to access the domain, the 404 error is not served on this interface.

could you tell me which version of pydio you are using?

Iā€™m with the last version, I installed Pydio on Friday

sorry to ask again, but is it cells or 8?

Currently there is Pydio Cells Home Edition 1.2

Could you tell me the entire process of your installtion, i mean
what did you put for the bind, external, if you are using SSL which method and also are you using a reverse proxy?

Well I followed the installation process on the site ā€œā€

It is public IP directly on the server, but when I point the domain does not access.

Tell me what you have put in the parameters, such as for instance,
bind: mydomain.ocm:443
external: mydomain
ssl: which method you chose and so on.
You can omit the MySQL part.