Multiple Domains (URLs) for 1 Instance

I’m exploring deploying Cells (free version), and can’t tell from the admin guide/KB/forum if there’s a way to deploy 2+ URLs on 1 instance of Cells. I don’t want to manage supporting 2 full instances of it.

My requirements:

  • 2 different URLs ( and to use different URLs with SSL certs (it can have the same landing page)
  • each company will have their own folders (e.g. Company1 might have 10 users, and Company2 might have 5 users)
  • everything else can be shared.


Hello @ExploringSync and welcome to the forum,

This is possible as from version 2.2.0 that is on its way.
If you have a test instance, you can try to install the version 2.2.0-rc1

There are still some glitches, but we are fine tuning the last issues and would be happy to get feedback.

Hope this help.


For the record, the next release candidate is here and we would be glad to get feedback:

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