How to upload files in mobile web browser (via shared link)?

Dear Pydio Community,

I have set up a pydio cells 4.2.6 instance for collecting and sharing travel pictures with friends. Since I wanted to make this as easy as possible, I created a separate user and a folder within the “Common files” workspace which I then shared by creating a public link (so that neither a login nor a software installation is necessary).

When using this link on a computer web browser, it is now possible to upload new files from a separate file browser window via Drag’n’Drop. On a mobile device, however, this doesn’t seem to work (I tested it with my iPhone mobile Safari browser and didn’t find a way to upload files/pictures from my Photo Library).
Thereby I wondered: How to upload files via a mobile web browser?

What is the server OS? Database name/version? Browser name or mobile device description (if issue appears client-side)?

OS: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)
Database: MariaDB 10.6.12
Browser name: Mobile Safari (iOS)

What steps have you taken to resolve this issue already?

I have already searched in vain here in the forum and in the GitHub issues.

Looks like I just found the solution by myself…
After being so desperate that I debugged the Javascript code, I found out that the upload dialog is hidden behind the “Add folder” icon :man_facepalming:

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