File manager for site

Is it possible to only have pydio client for uploading/downloading part of a site?
I dont want to open the full admin in the site

depends on where you want to upload/download,
but if it’s in a folder for instance you could create a public link with upload rights,
which will give you a minimal interface where you can download/upload data.

thanks for your response.
Yes into folder which is accessible publicly. There is no documentation for getting the minimal interface
would guide to that link?

For instance,
you can right click a folder > share, then enable a public link,
after that you must have this enabled,

Now you can use the link (red arrow) to access the interface,
it will look like this.

I have follow up question,
I thought folder you were referring to was in the server, according to my understanding now you meant pydio folder.
Can we dynamically create folder & share the link (Open a iframe) is there any provision like that.
As we would like to create folder based on user, we dont want it to be a manual process.

Can we create folder with api
I dont see any provision apiv2.json

are you on pydio 8 or pydio cells (i actually assumed cells previously).


it is pydio 8

is it possible to use pydio like ajax explorer?

The apiv2 is only for pydio, on ajaxplorer it be would something else.

My advice would be to update to pydio 8 or cells.

can we create folder using apiv2
this seems to be missing.

On pydio 8, yes it should be possible to create folders using the api.

it should be this on the api,

Thanks :slight_smile:
for all your help
Details doesnt work. Could you please send me link which works

Hi you can find the api v2 for pydio 8 here

thanks, what about for v1
As v1 comes installed with pydio 8

i don’t have much experience about the v1 api, but i’ll take a look and ask if i can find some resources.

Hello Zayn,

I am able to share a folder to public site like

but this is not writable, is there any parametre which I can use to make it writeable in share?