How to map LDAP attribute to variable which can be used in path?

I need to map one of LDAP attributes (departament) to variable, which can be used in path in access.fs (like AJXP_DATA_PATH can be used as part of the path in workspace). How can this be done? I tried to attributes mapping to map to variables of access.fs plugin, but the variable is not accessible.

I already tried solution from - but it doesn’t work - even though I have very simple script:

function CustomVarFilter(&$value, \Pydio\Core\Model\ContextInterface $ctx){
if(!is_string($value) || “CUSTOM_GROUP” != $value ) return;
$value = ‘XX’;

The CUSTOM_GROUP variable never gets value ‘XX’ - the directory is created with literal “CUSTOM_GROUP”. Pydio 8.

did you look at this how-to

Yes, the how-to doesn’t say what plugin parameter should I choose so it would be accessible in path variable of access.fs.