How set up mail on PYDIO V8


Maybe today is my lucky day and maybe someone help me ???

So, I want to use notification mail and I want to send mail with pydio.

How can I do that ?

Why I ask? Because I explore all topic, page on google and I find nothing.


J’aimerai utiliser l’envoi de mail ainsi que les notifications depuis pydio. Les documentations pydio sont franchement ultra nul car elle t’explique rien et je trouve rien sur les différents postes.

Comment, configurer l’envoi de mail depuis pydio ?


Thank you!

First you have to make sure that your server is able to send email. What is your server OS ? For example on debian, you would have to setup exim to configure the debian. Then pydio will use php sendmail function to send emails.

Hi Charles,

Thanks for answer.

I’m on Debian 8.

I will have a look at exim, do you have advices ?


should be pretty similar to for example (google results…)

Hi Charles,

I used this : and 10 minutes later… IT WORKS!

But, I have an interrogation. Why, the use of the application “exim” isn’t mentioned anywhere ?

No websites, no forum… ANYWHERE!

I worked on this problem 1 week, trying 9239423 solutions…

Thanks for your help.


Because it’s a system specific settings (depending on your OS)!
Closing this thread though