How to configure SMTP settings in Sendmail for Pydio community version


Hi All,

We have configured Notification service in Pydio community version and we are getting mails without any issue.

But Mails are going to Junk, hence we would like to configure SMTP in Send mail for Pydio.

Please assist and find below LAMP server details for reference.

OS - Amazon AMI Linux
Apache - 2.4
Mysql - 5.5
PHP - 5.6
Pydio - pydio-core-8.0.2.tar.gz (Community Version)


Hi, there
the emails going to junk would be more of an smtp issue,
are all the emails going to junk or just un certain type ?

and did you try to send to other mail providers like outlook, gmail etc… to see of they all treat the mailing.


Thanks for quick response, Issue with SMTP only. Only Notification emails are going to Junk, Tried with GMail also, emails are going to Junk only.

We also tried Pydio smtp plugin to resolve the issue, but didn’t work for US.

Any idea how to configure SMTP settings in sendmail.


for sendmail i don’t know that much, maybe you could try to setup postfix which is a better version than sendmail
otherwise there’s some guides i would advise you to read some of them to see if there’s maybe something that you missed ( you might have even already seen those guides )