Fresh Install Login Failed

Thanks for this awesome software. I know this was covered in this thread:

(which is how I got passed it). But I just wanted to bump this as I spent a number of hours this morning troubleshooting this. I hope it’s not just a mistake we are all (from the thread) making, but if not, it’s not intuitive that the whole stack needs to go down then up again to get the password to work.

Hi @bowlineyogurt and thanks for the positive feedback.

Could you please precise the version your are using ?

and just to precise, having to restart the docker container to be able to log in for the first time is not a feature of the app :slight_smile: :
It is rather an issue with the launch when the docker container starts too quick and tries to contact the DB before it is ready.

This is issue is (to the best of our knowledge) solved in v3. Could you give a try with the rc ? (there is a test 3.0-rc image on docker hub)

Happy file sharing!