File Download/Upload - Chunk or No Chunk

I’m having issues handling files of more than 2GB, it seems. My install is the latest version of Pydio 8 server on Windows 2012 R2.

The instruction that I used suggested that the feature to allow file chunking is disabled. I’m wondering what are the pro’s and con’s of allowing chunking? It’s my understanding that chunking breaks the files into pieces and then reassembles them. Is there a reason why this shouldn’t be done? I’m using the standard uploader, also.

For my use case, I’m going to need to allow file sizes of probably 8GB max.

The file system is standard NTFS, Pydio is hosted using IIS 8.5, PHP7.1, MySQL 5.6

I have control over the virtual machine so I can add resources as needed.

It’s limit of IIS even you are running with php 64bit. You can’t upload > 2G files.