Failing to uploading 20GB on Pydio server, data corrupted

Running Community Version on Debian 9.

Pydio fails uploading big files, i was uploading a 20GB VMware machine compressed.

I have solved half of the problem with making a symbolic link from the tmp folder on /var/www/html to my temp folder located in /home partition.

I have the data of the users divided via Debian users with a data folder writable for the apache user www-data in their home.

The problem is that Pydio fails uploading the whole 20GB, making the file corrupted.
I’m using PLUploader for uploading files to the server.

this issue might be because you didnt configure your php.ini file you should modify those values.
If you want to find your php.ini you can use php -i | grep "Loaded Configuration File".
and then you can change the values to the ones that you need.

php.ini is well configured, i’ve modified those values properly.


i dont know if you knew but you can edit PLUploader settings, here’s a picture as an example.
If there’s still an issue you could look at Pydio logs by doing this :
Go to conf/bootstrap_context.php
Switch this line to true :
define("AJXP_SERVER_DEBUG" , true);