Failed logging in for 3 time even though username and password are correct

Hello. I’m new to this forum, so please pardon me if i’m not using tagging the right way, or not using the right tag. But i really need help for this issue i’m encountering.

I tried to test pydio on my localhost (using xampp on windows). So i extract pydio-core-8.0.2 to xampp\htdocs. Opened localhost through my browser, solving issues before installation, and then i go trough the installation process. Installation is a success. So i find myself on the login page (localhost/pydio-core-8.0.2), and the problem start.

I cant login at all. I make sure that i put the right username and password (the one that created during installation), but still failed. After 3 times, i have to input the captcha. I even try to go through the installation process once again (deleting folder pydio-core-8.0.2 on c:\xampp\htdocs, extracting again, and start the whole installation process). I even use notepad ++ to make username and password, so i just copied them to the username and password box on installation). But still the same result. I cant login at all.

Please help me. Thankyou.

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did you test your database when you had the setup wizard and if yes it should’ve been working.
Another thing is, did you change something in Application Parameters > authentitication > and master or second driver.

Hi Zayn. I didn’t change anything. I just follow the installation step 1 by 1. Tested my database, and the apps create the tables in it too. I finished the installation, but still unable to login.

But i managed to make it work on my 3rd installation. The only thing i changed on my 3rd is i only used lower case alphabet in creating both username and password. Is it some kind of bug? for example, on my 1st and 2nd installation attempt, i used combination of characters for password like Admin_12345. After installation finished, i cant login (i know i put the exact same username and password, 100% sure of it).

Do you know what could possibly be wrong? i might have to integrate this app with LDAP in the future, so i cant restrict users to only use lowercase for their password.

only the password field is supposed to be case sensitive, as for the user field you can enable it Application Parameters > Authentification > General Options > Generic Features , your issue seems weird because you should be able to put names like “User_1” and passwords such as “User_1” and then when you want to log in only the password has to match the cases.

i have the same login errer with admin account,i have no idea to relove it