Difficulty setting up pydio, imagemagick, unoconv

Hello all,
We are currently considering/testing pydio to use as a frontend to archived assets. We have a debian 9 VM with Pydio 8.2.2 (2018-10-10) installed. Successfully connected to LDAP and our external shares and are able to see the files from within pydio. Installed imagemagick and unoconv. I’ve edited conf.editor.imagick.inc with paths to convert and unoconv and have successfully tested converting a file with imagemagick.

BUT I can’t get any previews or view documents from within pydio. I can view video files and jpgs/pngs. but not PDFs or office docs like docx, xlsx. Nor audio files.
I have the PDF viewer off because I don’t want to allow downloading. Downloading is off in the workspace preferences.
I’m happy to provide screenshots if that helps. I’m just not sure what I’m missing. Thanks for any help.

You should follow this instruction to config unoconv listen: https://docs.moodle.org/35/en/Universal_Office_Converter_(unoconv)#Run_a_unoconv_listener

If you are running Deb 9, configure with systemd config is better