Error 0x80070021Mapped on Windows

Hello guys.

I’m trying to create a file server using Pydio and I have the following setup:
Windows server 2016
Wamp php 7.3.1
MySQL 5.7.24

Everything was running fine so far and it works great with the PydioSync app and the web access
But now I’m trying to map as a windows network driver( I got it already) and here’s the problem:
When I try to upload a small file, something smaller than 30mb I think, it works with no problem… But when the file is greater than 30mb I get the error 0x80070021.

Googling this error I got nothing but some outlook information =/

Does anyone know something about it?

PS: I set the php.ini upload to 10G and still no luck

Thanks in advance o/

Could you tell me how are you mapping Pydio on windows,
are you using webdav for instance?