Fatal error: concurrent map read and map write

Hello all,

I installed Pydio Cells version 3.0.1 on my Arch Linux server the other day, and I have been migrating from my old cloud software and uploading more than 500 gigabytes of files. I have had multiple crashes when uploading large numbers of files and I had to keep restarting Pydio. I managed to dump the crash output to a file here and it appears to be a concurrency issue with the multipart upload system. I had crashes both with uploads through the browser, as well as through davs through my file manager and rclone. I am currently trying it with the multi part threshold set to 100 petabytes to effectively disable it to see if it eliminates the issue. Any thoughts?


After changing the threshold, I don’t appear to have had the same issue again despite placing it under the same or very similar loads.

Hello @eddycurrent , thanks for posting the crash dump. We’ll have a look at that.

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