Enterprise version RTL support

We are considering the enterprise version but RTL and Arabic support is a show stopper for us… are there any plans to add them in the future?

Hello @sks and welcome in our community.

To support new languages, we mainly rely on the community - there have been some exceptions for clients that have financially participated in adding support for a new language, but this is not common.

Thus said, we have already added Arabic in our translation tool upon user request but there has been no step forward since then. And even if theoretically our interface should be RTL ready, we are waiting to have the translation almost ready to test and fix potential glitches.

So shortly said: we do not currently support Arabic and there is no plan about when it should be added.

Hi @bsinou,

I guess if interfaces are RTL ready then half the problem is solved… that’s one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to arabic.
So if the arabic translation is done then can I assume that the different RTL interfaces would fixed if need arise?