22 languages for year 22?

Hey wonderful internationalization team,

I hope this message will find you all in good shape and mood.

I just wanted to put a spotlight on the fantastic work done by the community in recent months, with the effort of Satoshi and Claudio, Brazilan and Japanese are now complete and fully integrated in the App.

With this, and the recently added Hungarian and Slovak, we have now 20 languages, 11 of these are complete enough and thus available in the published version.

This looks like this:

Nice isn’t it?

Wouldn’t be great to have 2 more languages and have 22 languages for year 22 ??
(I must admit… my birthday is on 2.22 at 22h22 and these days i might be a little over obsessed with number 2…)

More seriously speaking, there are some nice features around the corner, and we are starting a large marketing push. So if you want to finalize your corpus in an existing language or add a new one, that is a good timing.

By the way, we also reworked on the i18n test app that is automatically updated each time someone adds a new translation: https://translate.pydiocells.com

Now languages are correctly configured at setup and if you use the correct user, you directly are in your language.

For instance, if you are European and wanna trip while staying at your seat, ja or vi-vn are quite exotic!!

So, thanks again to you all one more time and happy translation