Enable PLupload

My setup:
Pydio 8 Community
PHP 7.1
Apache 2.4
Ubuntu 18.04

I try to get the PLUploader-plugin to work, but after enabling it in the pydio gui, it just states “Cannot load PLUploader plugin.” whenever I swith to the PLupload-Tab in the upload interface.

Didn´t changed the default settings (Upload limit and Chunks), also deleted the *.ser files from cache and restarted apache. Tried it with only PLUploader enabled, but no difference.

Couldnt find help with enabling PLUploader, just some irellevant posts from older times. Anyone got some experience with that plugin?

Sincerly N1gh1ow1

you need to download plupload and put it in the file, you can find the instruction in the plugin panel by clicking on the pen.
To resume the above you have to download plupload extract it,
you will need to do something like this, you can use the latest version of plupload.


wget https://github.com/moxiecode/plupload/archive/v3.1.2.zip
unzip v3.1.2.zip
mv plupload-3.1.2/js/ plupload-3.1.2/plupload
cp -r plupload-3.1.2/plupload /var/www/pydio/plugins/uploader.plupload

I can confirm this works on Pydio 8.x

Dumb me, the instruction was right in front of me all the time.
Thanks for the heads up, it works now. (used v.3.1.2 in Pydio 8.2.1)

Edit: If you struggle with big files (that was the reason for me trying plupload) notice, that you should set a value for the chunk-size (I choose 2 mb), as the upload might crash otherwise. Uploaded a 4GB-File without a problem.

Does anyone know if this works with Pydio Cells?