Email notifications limited feature?

I’m giving cells a try on windows 10. Everything is working except email notifications. I set up a mailer and the test email from the mailer page works fine.

However, when I attempt to share a file or cell with either a user or an outside email address, there is no error, I get a popup “Email successfully sent to 1 user(s)”, but no email is sent. I run the mail server. I’ve checked the logs and there is no connection try whatsoever.

Only the test message on the mailer setup page works. No other messages work. Are notifications a limited feature of the community edition or did I miss something during setup?

Hello and welcome @palinkas-jo-reggelt,

How it works is that when you create a send an email request it is put in a batch that will be ran every 5 min by the job Flush mails queue.

Could you check take a look at the Flush mail queue job, to find it head to (It will be on the left bar benu inside the cells console, you also need to display the advanced settings )Scheduler >> Flush mails queue.
Once you are inside the job, could you take a look at the logs below (you can click on them).

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