Double clicking not working

plain and simple, no explainable reason but double clicking just stopped working on the installation. double click works again if i enable to mobile plugin but that layout is less than ideal.

Discovered something VERY odd. If when i right click, the animation for the context menu begins to appear. If i click on the desired file or folder immediately before the animation finishes, it behaves as though that was a valid double click and works. I think there is something wrong with the way the web GUI operates with double clicking.

hi, everything is working well in our test - sometimes some strange behavior may be introduced by browser, can you tell your OS and browser combination?
btw certainly not a good idea to manually enable the “” plugin

I only enabled that plugin to test and turned it off. I have tested the issues on Edge, Brave, and Firefox. Both in and out of incognito/private mode. On the chromium browsers it simply does not work at all. On firefox it works intermittently/arbitrarily. This does not seem to be isolated to browser specifics in my opinion.

OS: Windows 11
Browsers: Edge, Brave, Firefox

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