May be a bug for plugin setting - mobile


I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but it brought me a bad experience.

If I turn the switch “Mobile” off, a “three points menu button” will not show on mobile device. I will not able to use some functions such as share.

But If I turn the switch “Mobile” on, these “three points menu button” will also show on PC device.

If you’ve never turned this switch “Mobile” on or off, the system will automatically follow the device, display the “three points menu button” on a mobile device and not display on a PC device.

But once you turn the switch “Mobile” on or off, the above problem appeared and unable go back.

You can try on you demo site:

Hello @barrysimker,

I believe that this was by design, as on a mobile device you can display the menu by holding a few seconds with the touch screen