Web interface not refreshing automatically

Hi all!
Seems that the web interface is not refreshing automatically when there is a change (upload/delete…etc). I need to trigger the refresh manually. It happens with firefox, opera, safari… not tested with chrome.

I’m running 1.6.1 in centOS 7.

Any idea?? Thanks!

Did you set output_buffering = Off in php.ini ?

Hi @c12simple - cells does not use any PHP.
Hi @robvalca - much looks like the websocket connection failed. Result of background actions is returned via events over a websocket. If you are using a reverse proxy make sure that the websocket rules are in place.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not using a reverse proxy, I’m using the default 8080. Externally and local. I’m not sure that my url configuration is correctly as I have the same url (external) for the internal and external. I had some troubles with internal as 192…:8080 and external as pbox.blabla.eu:8080 something like no web on this interface while trying to access externally.