Right-Click Menu appears everywhere (bug)

Ubuntu 18.10, Pydio 8.2.2, latest Chrome browser

  1. Select a Workspace from My Workspaces
  2. Right-Click anywhere on the screen, even in the left Workspaces area or in the top menu area and you will get the Right-Click menu for the Workspace appearing.
  3. This menu will appear when clicking anywhere, except on the selected Workspace item on the left which only shows the appropriate menu.

Summary: You haven’t prevented opening of the Right-Click menu outside the main workspace directory/file panel except when clicking over the selected workspace item itself. Even the menus at the top of the screen don’t work correctly as both menus will open at the same time.

i did not manage to reproduce that, i’ll list you what i did to see if it matches what you said:

  • select a workspace (with left click)
  • right click for instance on the top bar to open a menu
  • click (left click?) anywhere else
  • no menu seemed to appear on my end

See attached screen shots.
Windows 10 w/ latest patches, Chrome Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Your step 3 is wrong, it should be Right-Click, Left-Click will simply close the menu.

i see but

when you click on New you should left click,
i’ve done the same steps as seen in your screen captures.

That may be true, but users don’t do what they’re supposed to :wink:

IMO, it’s not that hard to show a context menu only when clicking on the appropriate container element, I figured I’d let you know since you might have just tied it to the wrong container. shrug

Thanks for the suggestion, as of now we are only working on security updates when it’s related to pydio 8, but for cells i’ll put that in the backlog.