Does not load user avatars

Dear Developers and Community,

Thank you very much for the awesome project!

Just 'have set up a user, reloaded the page, and the logs started showing the following:

ERROR     Policies blocked GET request at /frontend/binaries/USER/user?a1db5132-21f.png. Response: DefaultDeny:true

In addition, avatars of all users appear blank.
According to using-security-policies (docs) page, it should be possible to add a policy, yet no such button is shown. Also, the current user authorized is a member of the default Administrator role with “Full REST accesses” (at least to their own profile) and “Read-access to all FrontendService”, but the issue is still present.

What might it be?

Best and kind regards


Do you have any checked-deny on acl of “My Files” workspace in Root Role or in other roles?